I can hardly believe it’s been only a week since I took possession of my new storefront. And, what a busy week it has been. I have gotten rid 1100 sq. feet of green carpet (posted for free on craigslist), 20 feet of peg board and shelving (craigslist), window shades (craigslist) and other leftover “treasures.” The walls are painted, the base board is painted but no yet installed, the floor is scheduled to be cleaned and painted and by this time next week I should have a fair amount of furniture moved in! In the meantime, I am on a roll with new purchases and projects. Like this one..
I loooove the handles. Too bad one of them is broken. This dresser was in great shape, just a bit boring. It is the perfect height and length to be used as a changing table for a nursery. So, I used that concept as my guide. But, I needed new hardware.
I used these handles. I know…UGLY! It’s what I had that fit the existing holes, though. So, I was bound to make it work. 
I saw this dresser in pink…or, partially pink.

I primed the dresser with pink paint. I didn’t want the entire piece to be pink…a bit much in my opinion. So, I opted for subtlety. 
Topped off the pink paint with a coat of white. But, I still had the problem of dealing with that ugly hardware.
Spray Paint. Not good enough though. Still ugly.
Fake flowers and left over swarovski rhinestones from my sisters wedding (I bejeweled my girls flower girl dresses for her wedding by hand! Each embroidered flower had a small crystal in the center that caught the light.)
Completely new hardware! I don’t love it but it definitely works for this girly girl and fancy dresser. The flowers on the handles are hiding the screws holding it in place. 

Pink spray paint ties the new knobs in with the new handles.
Light distressing along the edges brings out the coat of pink paint that I used as primer. 
The Finished Product
Later this week, I am going to post some pictures of the store transformation along with a sketch of what it is going to look like on the inside. Imagine sipping fresh espresso on a french or tuscan terrace.