I got this AMAZING dining room set this weekend. In fact, it is probably the nicest set of furniture I’ve ever come across yard saling. If I had a dining room of my own, I’m pretty sure I would keep it and not sell. But, alas I don’t have a dining room so bring on the profit. Anyway, it’s been sitting in my driveway since Saturday and I’ve received several comments on how beautiful it is from the neighbors. Except they cringe when I tell them I’m going to paint it. “You CAN’T paint that!” “It will lose it’s value.” To which I respond, “of course I’m going to paint it.” But, now I can’t decide. 
What do you think? Paint or Stain? Paint or Stain?
China cabinet with french flair
Matching hutch-the wood decoration on the glass can’t be painted
Matching table comes with six chairs and two leaves
So, what’s the verdict? Help me decide! 
A bit on the store front, this is the last picture I am sharing until the Grand Opening on Friday, July 8th! 
Kids have more fun playing in an empty store than a room full of toys
The floor got cleaned today and tomorrow it is getting painted! And, after three hours of labor, I have 15 ceiling tiles decorated. So far, I am liking the result. Can’t wait to unveil the transformation. In the meantime, I made a short infommercial. It’s a little bit of flavor of what is to come!