What a weekend! I know..it’s only just Saturday…errr…almost Sunday (seeing as how I’m writing a post at 11:15 pm), but with the hubs and kids out of the house and visiting family the opportunities for productivity are endless! In preparation for the Downtown Glendora 4th of July Jubilee, I wanted to create something original and entirely unique to take to the parade and set outside the store to generate some buzz and excitement over the Grand Opening…which, by the way is in just six days! So, I opted to transform this rather uninspiring and over sized coffee table. 
I’ve had it for a few weeks and it hasn’t sold in “as is” condition. In terms of prepping it for the store…just not quite the right style. But, today as I was driving around town and looking at all of the American flags on cars, buildings and business, I was completely inspired. This table had to be an American flag. Not just any flag, though…the original colonial flag (That’s only because there was no way in heck I was going to paint 50 stars). 
Supplies needed: Rustoleum spray paint in colonial red, slate blue, black and heirloom white. All colors that I had on hand! That’s always a plus. Sander with 60 grit sand paper. Cookie cutter in the shape of a star. One dinner plate. Home made stencil. Minwax dark walnut wood stain. Minwax finishing wax.
I started by doing a rough sketch with the spray paint of the flag. There were exactly 13 slats for the 13 stripes in the table. That made it super easy. The stars were a bit more challenging. First, I tried to free hand and just got white blobs. Next, I dug through the kitchen for a star cookie cutter and created a stencil out of paper. But, the circle was not precise. I used a dinner plate to make a circle outline and marked where I wanted the stars to go. I also wanted to paint 1776 on the bottom right corner, so made another stencil by cutting out computer letters. 
Sanding was in order and I wanted to really distress this one so that the natural pine wood would show through the layers of paint. I was not intending to paint the base of this table. 
I thought I was done and sent this picture to my husband so he could see my handy work. But, I didn’t like how it showed up in the picture. The colors were too bright. So, I decided to add a layer of dark walnut wood stain to darken the white and red and give it a more aged look.
This is how it looked in the end with my all American yellow lab, Benny Goodman. 
Hmmm….pedicure please!
This table will be for sale only during the 4th of July jubilee for $55. The store may not be open quite yet, but I won’t let that stop me from selling something! 
With that said, Happy 4th of July!