I’ve had a lot of store visitors this week! It’s been great fun talking about the furniture, the accessories, housewares and more. When I talk to customers about what we do, I find myself saying the same thing. “We refurbish great furniture finds with a history and love all things with vintage flair!” In fact, some of the surprisingly best selling items this week have not been my refurbished furniture pieces.

Who knew antique cookbooks would be so popular? I’ve sold twenty of these charming cookbooks since we opened last Friday.

Empty picture frames! I’ve had custom orders for jewelry frames, chalkboards or corkboards using the empty picture frames hanging on the walls or scattered throughout the store. I love custom work! It is so much more rewarding knowing that a specific person is going to enjoy something they helped to design.

Custom chairs! Chairs are some of my favorite projects because they can have so much personality. This week I completed two custom chair projects.

And, this truly unique World War II Navy Uniform. It hasn’t sold and this isn’t something you will likely see displayed in the store, but it is up for auction on ebay. What a great find!

Furniture Friday is just around the corner and here is a sneak peek at some of the projects that will come out this Friday.

Hmmm…what could this be?

Does this look familiar?

Lovingly weathered!
See you in town!