I love RED….red tags that is! Because red tags on any items in the store means SOLD!

Like these two custom chairs to go with four additional custom chairs that I finished this week! Check out the handles on those chairs. How cool is that? I have another awesome set of tall cane back chairs that will be ready for this coming Furniture Friday!

And, this one of a kind dresser sold this week with antique music decopauged on the knobs and lined in the drawers.

My other favorite furniture re-do (this music dresser was a favorite) sold this week.

Seaside vanity. I’m re-doing this piece just a bit for the buyer in a custom job. I’ll be changing out the hardware and adding some decorations to it to spruce it up a bit so that it matches their decor better. Pictures of the finished piece to come later.

Jewelry has been a hot seller and we just got re-stocked from my favorite jewelry vendor. You will never see the same thing twice!

The 2nd Furniture Friday is just around the corner and here is a taste of the new pieces that will be out and ready for display!

A new shade of green!

Peacock Blue…actually called lagoon but I see peacocks!

Black and completely girlie! Just wait until you see the finished product.

Friday’s is the day to check out the new stuff, available only in the store. Plus, you have to get the story on some of the new pieces. One of them was retrieved from the dumpster…I’ll admit it and I’m not ashamed. Bet you won’t be able to guess which one! 

Come Saturday, everything gets posted for sale on craigslist!

Friday hours: 10:00-8:00 pm