The best part about having a space of my own to showcase and display all of my furniture is that I can do just that…showcase the furniture! For example: What a piece of furniture looked like pictured at home.
Cute vanity, right? Nice cement patio and mess in the background, too. The sad reality of selling my furniture at home was that I didn’t have the time, energy or space to properly stage each piece. So, this place on my back patio in front of that planter became my “staging area.” Not a very good one, I admit. 
The same vanity…
SO MUCH CUTER with the addition of proper lighting, victorian hats and antique perfume bottles! 
Here is a reveal of some other fun displays!
Love those sachets! One of the few items being sold brand new!
I like mason jars…can you tell?
Since everything is ready to go at knot too shabby, I’ve been taking lots of pictures! With over 120 items for sale, there are a lot of pictures to be taken. Friday morning, all of the furniture will be posted on craigslist so I expect my cell phone to be beeping around the clock! See you in two days!!!