Don’t you just envy people who can see a beaten down, broken up, mis-fit piece of furniture for its endless potential? Meet Laurie Theule! Shabby Chic’r Extraordinairre.

Laurie is the Downtown Glendora Grandma. Mother to beloved owner of Blue Chair Children’s Bookstore, she swoons over all of the little rugrats that run amuck at the bookstore (including my own two kiddos). What you may not have known about Laurie, however is that she is crazy genius when it comes to working with furniture and has an amazing eye to see beyond the obvious.

Take for example, this 1800’s antique Beckwith Organ.

Similar to the piece Laurie worked on

With missing keys, broken panels and frayed ropes connecting the pump to the pipes, few people could see this piece of furniture for anything other than a dilapidated organ.
Laurie, on the other hand, saw this.
Broken down into three major pieces, Laurie completely disassembled the organ to remove the guts…the original pump, the ropes connected to the pipes and keyboard, all of the keys. Then, she sanded the entire piece…every nook and cranny…by hand. None of the electric sander nonsense! And, when she was done sanding she painted it. Then, she sanded the entire piece again…and again…and again…and again…by hand. Over and over.
Still intact are the knobby doos and original name plate, preserving its rich history and original intent. Don’t you just drool over this! I’m soooo jealous! I’m currently trying to figure out a way to make myself the proud owner of this amazing organ re-do! For a steal $850, I may be saving my nickels and dimes and taking this beauty home if someone doesn’t beat me to it.
Laurie’s Beckwith Organ is on sale at Blue Chair, right across the street from knot too shabby. Stop by, say hi to Laurie and run your hands over the surface of this smooth as glass furniture refurbishment. Pictures don’t do it justice.
And, please leave your comments! I will pass each and every one of them on to Laurie and I know she would LOVE to hear from you.