The problem with Furniture Friday is that my Thursday’s are now one of my busiest days of the week. What, with being at the store during the day for normal operations, having dinner with the fam, going to my weekly Thursday night kick-boxing class, and sneaking a load of laundry in there somewhere if I’m lucky…by the time I make it back to the store to clean, re-arrange and prep new pieces for Friday, it is 9pm at the earliest (yawn)! After 2-3 hours of cleaning, re-arranging and prepping new pieces, it is 11:30pm (yawn, yawn). Then, I update the website…oh yeah, did I mention I leave for Hawaii in 14 hours? 
After a couple of hours of re-arranging and a week of prepping the new pieces, it is well worth the work to freshen things up and change it around! 
The window display featuring my new desks. Note the early American two-drawer desk behind the awesome multi-colored one! The white one with pink accents is a reasonable $115. The multi-colored desk is priced at $275. 
The other window display, super sweet Frenchy desk with awesome drawers. Stop by to see the inside! They POP! $245
The stacked side tables on the left are new this week! They are super chic with the longest drawers I’ve ever seen! They are $75 each. 
We moved the portable wall of doors up about five feet so that there is more workspace for projects in the back and a bigger area to show case some of the unfinished furniture pieces for custom work. Unfortunately, this is what we have:
A girl can only do so much you know! I promise, it will improve during the week! And, if it doesn’t, I won’t be there to fret over it so best of luck to the ladies holding down the fort while I am zip-lining, sipping a daquiri, bike-riding (down a volcano I might add), sipping a margarita, tanning, gulping a beer, swimming and doing the hula (but only in the hotel room). 
Say “hi” to Patti, Macy, Mom and Dad who will be holding down the fort while I get some much needed R&R!