I spend 30-60 minutes per day blogging on the internet. Some people watch TV, others love shopping…me, I blog. There is a glorious world of creative women (and perhaps the occassional man), putting their creative touches to amazing furniture. I read their stories because they provide inspiration to me and they help my creative juices flow for the next project. After refurbishing over 100 pieces of furniture, my own ideas become stale. So, a creative idea gives me a jump start on the next project and almost always, my own piece is drastically different from the one that initially inspired it. Kind of like the vanity I re-did a few months back.

Well, this past week I saw a piece of furniture that I fell in love with on one of my favorite blogs, Sisters of the Wild West.

I fell in love with this desk…the colors…the clean lines…the overall creativity. I shamelessly stole their idea. I asked for permission, but stole it none the less.

I found this desk last weekend and new immediately that I wanted to duplicate the painting pattern that Sisters of the Wild West did with their desk.
Four custom paint colors later and some white spray paint…
Thank-you to the creative minds of the Sisters of the Wild West for inspiring this fantastic, one of a kind desk that will be featured at this week’s Furniture Friday.
Some other new pieces you can expect to find this Friday…
Available for Custom Refurbishment
Antique Secretary $225 finished to your liking