I don’t usually name my furniture. I put that up there in the cheesy category. But, this vanity I named Christina. Christina was my Great Grandmother. She was a crotchety old lady. A lady with a tremendous history and life of hard experiences. She never shared much about her past so there isn’t much known about her life growing up. In her old age, she was bitter and unpleasant and over time, we gave up on changing her overall demeanor.

This vanity reminded me of Great Grandma.

It is a very old piece of furniture. When I acquired her, she was in wretched condition, so much so that I even considered dumping her.

The veneer throughout the entire vanity was chipping away. Plan A was to remove it completely. Chiseling, hot irons, wet towels, hair dryers….nothing worked. I threw my hands up and gave up removing it and instead decided to build around the veneer that stayed intact.

The top and the sides filled and sanded.


Painted…just one coat. Crackel Coat on top.

Metallic Silver drawers and vanity top. More Crackel.

I know nothing about Christina’s past and gave up on smoothing the rough edges. So, instead I embraced her history and tried to show the wear, tear and love that someone else at one time showed to her. In person, she is stunning and shocking at the same time.

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