I’ve been a bad blogger this week! No new updates in a week. In part because I’ve been really busy…mainly trying to not only keep things going in the store, but working to pull some things together at home in my own decorating and refurnishing projects.

On a happy note, I finished my chair this week!

This was the how it looked when I bought it.

I took off all of the upholstery. Along with all 8,287 staples.

Painted it. Distressed it. Added a dark antique glazing.


Picking upholstery for this chair was tricky. Originally, I was going to upholster it in white canvas which would’ve looked awesome. But, since this is going into my house, I  needed to match some existing pieces…like the navy blue felt top on my pool table, the apple green curtains and the heavy black furniture already in the room.

When I get it all set up and placed in my house, I will send pictures. But, that won’t come for another few months. 
Some new fun things popping into the store today:
Shabbied up yellow side table or nightstand with army green peeking through. $65
Sleek black side table or nightstand with a pearlized finish. $65
Sleek nightstand or telephone table in same black pearlized finish. $75
Tri-level accent table $105
Mahogany drop leaf table with teal finish. $185

Super large storage cabinet or buffet $475

Built-in Sewing Table in a Sun-dried tomato with antique glazing $145
Adorable 2-year old in the background-Priceless…depending on the day. That could be up for negotiation.

Here’s to a week of better blogging! Some fun pictures from my Labor Day weekend getaway and (I’m hoping) for some awesome finds!