Remember this?

A dilapidated, falling apart, split veneer, colossal mess beauty! Just so you know in advance, this post has a lot of pictures!

Everything seemed to be falling apart on the exterior part of the vanity.

Lots and lots of time was spent removing all of the veneer and the warped wood.

Once we removed all of the loose pieces, the bones of the vanity were actually in great shape.

There were a lot dings and nicks from the chipping away of the veneer.

I wanted to leave the dings to show the age and wear and intent about keeping the vanity white so that the beautiful details on the mirror and in the woodwork would not get lost in the finish. I also wanted the original and beautifully tarnished hardware to pop!

The picture above is where we stopped working. Then, Julie stopped by! Julie is one of my new fabulous furniture suppliers! She is helping me keep the store stocked with new furniture  and I asked her if she was interested in tackling this project. Her husband is also a very talented wood worker and was able to rebuild the sides of the vanity and a new tray table with scalloped edges, matching the original lines of the piece.

Drum roll please……

With only $20 and 17-hours, a team of five was able to turn this beautiful, 1942 vanity, complete with original hardware and mirror into a classically refurbished piece of furniture!

Good job ladies…and gentleman!