This was one of my pre-store projects, and continues to be one of my favorite make overs to date.

This was a fabulous, HEAVY, solid wood dresser. Very simple. Very plain. Opportunities abound!

Peeling varnish.

Boring knobs. Paperclip artwork.

Sigh. Lovely wood beneath the chipping varnish. If I did it all over again, I would re-stain the top and paint the base. But, as it was, I painted it.

Hmmm? What to do when you don’t have enough of one color for an entire piece? Mix them.
Black and white.

Change boring knobs.

Paint the exterior in a very dull and flat grey. Hmmm….now what?

Free hand musical terms on the drawers to tie in the whole music theme.

Finish with medium distressing and black glazing.

The money shot…antique music lined the drawers!

This post is inspiring me. I think I might need to replicate my own idea.

Let’s see what happens to this desk in the next week or two!