I saw this dresser on pinterest and loved the birds and all of the detailing. I’m not an artist so wouldn’t in my right mind ever attempt to replicate this. But, it did offer some inspiration.

Remember this desk?

I’ve been staring at this desk for nearly six weeks as it made its rotation throughout the store for custom work. After blogging last week about a dresser in the similar style as this desk, I took inspiration from that project as well as the birds that I loved on the pinterest dresser and went to work.

I started with new knobs…errr…updating the old knobs. I painted them and decopauged dictionary pages with vintage style pictures of birds on them. Then, I gave them a glaze so they looked “aged.”

I painted the bookshelf and added the same bird images that are on the knobs on each shelf.

I left the top in its natural wood, just sanded a bit and added some fresh stain to darken some of the “worn” areas.

And, the entire base got fresh paint with some leftovers from last week.

Like the crystal knobs on the top drawer? I didn’t have enough of the original wooden knobs, so instead I added glass knobs to the top drawer. It might not be for everyone, but I love the contrast!

In all her glory, she is displayed in the front window for the week!

Some other great new pieces this week! Check out the for sale page for new inventory. If you can’t make it to the store for something you love, we can do transactions over the phone or through paypal. Give us a call for details! (626) 914-1600.