Recognize this? They are so rare now, I couldn’t even find a picture of one in its original form. It is a 1940’s or 50’s TV. Well….was a TV. The TV components have been completely gutted and a shelf has been added. Cool, right?

I picked this up in San Luis Obispo about a month ago and couldn’t walk away without it. I loved the notion that an old TV could be re-purposed into something completely different and new. So, my vision looked something like this…

I left the original stain on the top and polished it up because it was in really nice shape as-is. The base, however I painted a light beige and gave a nice dark walnut antique glaze. I left the inside the same wood tone as the top because I thought it added a touch of elegance and debth.

This little beauty sold in less than 24 hours and is being used as an Entertainment Unit…TV on top and gidget gadgets on the shelves! I think that is so cool…an old TV is being used to house a new TV!