It’s been a year since I started blogging about my adventures in treasure hunting, refinishing and selling unique or desirable items. I can’t believe how things have transpired in just one short year! I was looking back at some of my blog posts from 2010 and early 2011, chuckling at some of the things I actually bought and ended up selling and reminiscing about some great finds I wish I had kept.

Two items stuck out in my mind as my most memorable pieces of randomness that sold in a very short time.

First, this gnarly fish stool, which I claim is the ugliest thing I’ve ever sold!  

And, the amazing $99 jacket that sold on ebay.

My favorite projects, however were ultimately what drove me to open a store within the year. Notice how “safe” I was while selling out of my garage. I kept virtually everything white for about nine months, until I was so sick of white I branched out with a little bit of color!

This was a great china cabinet I re-did as one of my higher priced items because it fit so well in my kitchen. I had several places in my house that served as a “revolving door of furniture.” I’d find pieces that would work well in “that spot,” refinish them and price them higher than average. Those pieces would stick around for two to three months until someone had to have it. I never used these pieces because I didn’t want to get too attached. This piece sold in about eight weeks for $350.

I LOOOOOVED this secretary…and those chairs next to it, too. I refinished all of those pieces and they had a pleasant stay at Blue Chair Children’s Bookstore until they sold.

This piece, was hands down my favorite find and re-do. It is an antique record cabinet, with great curvy legs and gorgeous wood details! I sooo regret selling this piece, even though I don’t really have the perfect place in my house to keep it.

Finally, my other favorite re-do was the first “staged” piece of furniture in the store, making an appearance in the front window before I opened.

This piece was also one of my first custom ordered projects. I made some minor changes for the new owner and customized a matching mirror and side table for them.
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As for the next year…more blogging, more furniture; some great tips and insights into how to find success selling on craigslist; store crafting projects; home improvement projects; better pictures for my blog; blog sponsors…and the list goes on!  
Thank-you for following, reading and supporting my adventure!