My problem:

Everything in my “back room…” that is, behind my portable wall of doors becomes a dumping ground. It is a dumping ground for furniture that gets donated, for excess inventory, holiday decorations, supplies, sand paper, toys, clothes, food. You name it! It’s not that different from one of those disgraceful closets at your house.

I’ve been in desperate need for a storage solution, but everything I find that would be suitable I end up wanting to sell. And let’s face it, I’m not going to go buy something when I can re-create storage from my endless supply of furniture. I finally faced the music and decided that when I find something that will serve as functional storage…something that I can love, looks great in the store and would be sellable…I was going to suck it up and fix it for keeps.

You can imagine my delight when my local “eye’s” called yesterday and said “East Comstock Ave. Huge Armoire. Go get it.”

Huge? Try MASSIVE! Definitely the largest and heaviest piece of furniture I have ever moved. In fact, it took over an hour and four people to haul this piece the three miles to the store.

I was excited for the storage possibilities this provides so didn’t waste a second working on it.

The end result:

If you are interested in my process, you can check my progress updates on facebook!

In a nutshell, I mixed another homemade blend of chalk paint for the exterior creamy color and used regular latex for the recessed panels on the doors. I was interested to compare the distressing quality of the two types of paints. The chalk paint distressed very nicely. I used my sander but could have done it by hand. The latex doors took much more time and effort. Definitely did not come off as easily.

As far as storage goes:

Check out how much stuff is in there! A pull out drawer perfect for all of my decopauging materials.

And the dumping ground?

All in all, not bad for a days work!

I leave you with a peek of a new coffee table for Furniture Friday!