I am so thrilled at how my first piece of furniture came out with my own blend of homemade chalk paint. I know that all you “DIY’ers” out there in blog land want to reach through your computer screens and grab me by the shoulders, shake me and say “but where is the recipe?” Here’s the kicker…I’m not 100% confident that this is the perfect recipe, so as soon as I get it “perfect,” so to speak, I promise I will share!

In the meantime, check out the results of my first homemade painting project.

As a refresher, this is the before.

I documented the painting process yesterday but didn’t have it completely finished. For a refresher, you can read my post from yesterday about my clumpy paint.

And the detail shots!

New hardware, of course.

Lovely curves (and no mirror…yet)

Smooth surface.
Onto the next few projects which include transporting the largest and heaviest armoire I’ve ever seen to the store, painting my living room, replacing my paint sprayer (again), finishing some custom ordered chairs, distressing a red desk and painting a dresser for Furniture Friday! Good thing it is only Tuesday!