Everything has a price. Especially for me. I hold nothing too close to my heart…well, almost nothing. There are a few things in my house that I couldn’t part with. But, for the most part, everything is “sellable.” So, when I wrote about the desk I was going to keep, I got a lot of e-mails and comments about how bummed out they (my readers) were that I wasn’t going to sell the desk.

One particular reader was so intent on buying the desk, they contacted me and we made “an arrangement.” She bought the desk having only seen it in my blog feature and I moved on with the same mind set that I always have. “Something else will come along.”

The desk I sold was made for my living room transformation, and as I have been finishing the details on the room, I’ve been more and more disappointed that I sold that desk. Between now and then, I haven’t found a suitable replacement. That is, until Saturday.
My replacement desk:
I loved the curviness of this desk which actually ended up being a better fit and style for the room. I also rethought how I wanted it painted. A stuck with the natural wood on top with a dark walnut stain top.


For the base, I wanted to go two-tone. I got a great new color of yolo paint on the oops shelf at Lowes. 
(Ha ha…the oops paint I found was a paint color I selected a few weeks ago. I dropped by Lowes to grab some stain and can never escape without a new can of paint. I selected a color and when they handed it to me, it was clearly not the color I picked. I couldn’t wait for the re-mix so told them I would come back later. When I came back, the color and can I selected had been re-mixed and dumped on the oops counter. So, I got my paint color for $3!)


I painted the drawers white  with my homemade chalk paint blend and gave the entire piece an antique glaze in the dark walnut to darken the tone and add some debth. 
Half of the hardware was broken or missing, so I opted to do my “new thing” which is mixing and matching the hardware. Glass crystal knobs for the top row and the original hardware for the bottom two. I like it. Not everyone does. But, I do. I think it is cool. Different. Fun. 


So long to “the other desk.” Hello new desk. Better desk.

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