I alluded to my guest room makeover a few weeks ago when I posted about all of my windows. It’s finally finished, thanks to the final touch of new pillows custom made by Sew Savvy by Brandy.  

I acquired the furniture for this room for less than $75! A little TLC and some creativity can take a yard sale find a long way.

The Room Theme: Subtle Beach Room. The theme of this room was selected by my four year old who wanted me to change her bedroom to an “ocean room.” We compromised and did the guest bedroom and ocean room–mom’s style.

The Day Bed: I’ve been storing this day bed for over a year. I got it for $25 at a yard sale and was planning on using it for my youngest when she was ready to move into a big girl bed. When I bought this bed, she was less than a year old. Now she is 2 1/2 and shares a room with her older sister. I painted the bed a creamy sage green color and heavily distressed it to give it a worn weathered look.

I bought the duvet cover at Home Goods. I found it stashed in a storage bin without any of its packaging. I asked the girl how much it was and while she went to look it up, I found one buried but completely packaged. It was priced at $59.99. I told her I’d take the unpackaged version for a discount and I got that sucker for $38! Woo Hoo! It never hurts to ask.

The Storage Cabinet: This beauty was a yard sale find a few months ago. I got it for $40, kept the burlap coverings in the doors and repainted it to the matching green on the bed. I also added the crystal knobs to the doors. This piece is wonderful for storage! I have sheets, blankets, toys, books and an odd assortment of randomness stashed in here.

The Dresser: This lovely piece was my Great Grandmother’s. I grew up with it in my room and both of my girls had it in their nursery. When I was originally planning this room, I had another dresser in mind that I was going to paint. But, with all of the painted furniture already in there, I needed a touch of natural wood to add some warmth, depth and maturity to the space. Plus, I really like that I can keep a family heirloom in this room.

The Mermaid: We don’t talk about the Mermaid. She never happened. You see, the mermaid cost more than all of the furniture…combined. It was a complete moment of weakness and a total impulse buy. I’m just gonna leave it at that and not discuss it further.

The window and shutters, on the other hand were thrift store finds.

The Accessories: I made my own lampshade with torn pieces of burlap and seashells. The vintage books were antique store finds and the luminary was a $1 yard sale find. I liked the weathered wood on it.

I added a jar of seashells and wrapped it in twine to give that subtle ocean feel. The iron lantern was an antique store find that my sister bought for the store. I decided to keep it instead, and it is my favorite accessory in this room!

Love those pillows! Brandy, my personal sewer (I hate sewing) cut up an extra duvet that I bought (on sale for $42) and made a ton of pillow cases and throw pillows for me. She added her own touch of white chenille to the mix which adds a great fluffy and vintagey texture! It was the finishing touch that this bed needed.

I switched out the closet door knobs with these chunky star fish pulls. They are just perfect to finish off this room.

I have a few more finishing details that I’m waiting to find. Like, a nautical or distressed clock for the wall. I’m not sure what I want, but when I see it I will know.

My next room reveal at home will be my living room transformation, which is almost finished!