One problem after another! That’s what I experienced while I was working on this hutch…which was my final big piece to set the store for the annual Glendora Holiday Stroll.
The before:
A great French style hutch with curvy legs and fabulous detailing. Not wild about the gold on the glass but we’ll live with it.
My first problem was that I ran out of paint. My objective was to match this hutch to a chippy dining set that I had already painted and I used a light grey as the base color and then mixed a bit of teal to give a subtle hint of blue. I mixed my own chalk paint, but the grey I had left was leftovers of a homemade batch which doesn’t keep well. So, the batch for this piece was super chalky and didn’t go on as smoothly.
OK…so it didn’t go on smoothly at all.
But, light sanding between coats did the trick.
My next problem: I wanted to leave the shelf lip dark wood. But, I forgot and painted it. Oops. No biggy, I’ll just sand it down and restain.
But, I liked how it looked! So, I left it.
My third problem: I added a dark walnut glaze. But, it didn’t rub off…I mean, it was ON THERE! Why? I’m pretty sure because my chalk paint was extra chalky, it absorbed the stain. No biggy, I’ll just paint over it. But, I already soaked my brush in bowl in water. And, remember I ran out of paint. So, instead I used the wet brush and washed out over the dark stain. Except, then it started to peel.
Ah Heck! Screw it. Peel away!
By now, I’m sooooo over this piece of furniture. So, I just kept on going with it. What else could happen?
The new hardware didn’t fit. No big deal. I just need longer screws. But, they were too long. Just add washers…voila!
Finally…one gigantic beautiful oops job!
Once I got this into the store, filled it with Grandma’s dishes and shiny silver, turned on the light, I loved it! It was completely worth all of the headaches!
How do you like it?