Your run of the mill, five-drawer dresser. Simple lines. Traditional hardware. A fun paint job. But wait!

A faux drawer reveals none other than a traditional secretary! Strong enough to stash a small lap top or tablet with hidden storage for “officey” things.

Isn’t that cool?

The painting project for this piece was inspired by a small chest at Home Goods. The primary difference between the two (besides the piece itself) is that the Home Goods version was manufactured in a warehouse and “painted” by machines. And, it looks like it wasn’t done by hand. Our version is done completely by hand!

Thanks to Macy and Patti for pulling this piece together for this week’s Furniture Friday!

And, I brought out this dresser last week, but it was missing the finishing touch of new hardware. I got the hardware this week, so here it is finished and ready to move into someones bedroom.

Check the for sale page for a few other small odds and ends making an appearance today! And, don’t forget, the Holiday Stroll is just two weeks from today! SO MUCH TO DO!