I have no choice. I must keep this chair!

I must tell you how I got this chair, though. Six weeks ago, I picked up my ADORABLE Papa Bernie to take him up north to my Aunt’s house. He says to me (and you have to imagine him saying it in the best 92 year old-old person voice), “so, I hear you got yourself a shop?”

Papa Bernie with his Great Granddaughter

“Yes Papa, I did. I am refinishing old pieces of furniture!”

He says, “cool (he probably didn’t say cool), I got some chairs out of my neighbors trash for you.”

Uh-oh. This could be anything. I’m think he drug out some old 1970’s folding chairs that are broken. Or worse, it’s a gigantic wing back chair that has cat pee, dog hair and torn upholstery. But, no. He pulled out, not one, but two of those awesome chairs!

Now I’m excited.

“I also have some other stuff. I’ve been cleaning out the shed.”


So, with my awesome chairs, I also got a blower, an old vacuum cleaner, a vintage fan (OK-that’s awesome), and sweeper.

Lesson learned: sometimes you gotta take the junk in order to get the treasure!

I wish I had a before picture of this chair because I love how clean it looks now.

I had Macy paint both of these chairs white. I added some medium distressing and gave the entire chair a light antique glaze to darken the white and add some depth.

My favorite part, however is the burlap. Not new burlap, in perfect condition from the fabric store. But used burlap that, at one time had real coffee beans in it.

Okay, so it smells a little funky. But nothing a bottle of febreeze can’t take care of.

I’m hoping (crossing my fingers) that this chair will fit with my new desk! If it does, it stays at home. Otherwise, I will be forced to bring it back to the store and put it on sale.

I will post a picture of its sister chair on facebook when it is finished. Until then…