Clearly, I can’t get enough of the sheet music. Blame it on my upbringing. I’ve been playing an instrument since I was five and I’m married to a musician. So, music runs deep in the family. It almost seems sac religious that I disgrace the music by tearing it into pieces for the sake of “art.”

Like that large wreath made entirely out of Chopin’s Piano Classics.

I’ve been dying to replicate a dresser that I did about four months ago. It was a dark grey with a black antique finish, sheet music knobs and music lined drawers.

I hadn’t come across the right piece…until recently.

The simplicity of this dresser and the large knobs were perfect to add music!

Patti stripped the top and the middle lip so it could be stained a dark walnut (Seriously, who wears an outfit like that to work in? Here I am in a hoodie, jeans covered in paint and stain and a nasty hat and she’s decked out in cute skinny jeans with flats and a scarf! I think I need to work on my “image.” I’ll work on that later).

One of the drawers needed to be repaired, but it was a simple fix with wood glue and a clamp.

The paint color was a rich cream with a dark walnut antique glaze. Sheet music adorns the knobs and of course, lines the drawers!

Like it? LOVE IT!

The different shades make it look so different than my original version!
This one is still available and is on the for sale page!

On a side note, I have a new piece to bring out next week (that is if something substantial sells). I had it ready for the stroll but didn’t have any room to bring it out.

This is the before picture…I’m warning you…it’s nasty!

Check back for the reveal!