I love the annual Glendora Holiday Stroll. As a life long Glendoran, it is hands down my favorite hometown event of the year!

The tree lit streets, horse drawn carriages, visit from Santa and of course, the smells, tastes and sounds of the hustle and bustle in and amongst the stores kicks of the Christmas season with a surge of energy and excitement. This year was my first as a retail participant and not just an attender/shopper. I had big plans! Amongst them, live piano music thanks to a great family friend offering their time and talents.

Problem: I didn’t have a piano! But I managed to find one and you can read all about my piano exploits here!

Just a refresher, this is the piano I bought.

I spent a week prepping this for the big event.

And, this is what she looks like with a splash of “Michele” style!

I love the outcome, and even have a few finishing touches that I want to make to give it more pizazz!

I have to give a shout out to some companies who made this endeavor possible!

DJ Piano and Organ Moving donated their moving services and they are the best in-town piano movers! They’ve moved my personal piano about three or four times! Call them up for a quote (626) 334-1053!

This piano sounded wretched! It had never been tuned in its life. So, Precision Piano Tuning run by Joe Morten donated multiple piano tuning services to get this sucker sounding respectable for the stroll. He’s already tuned it twice and plans on coming back to tune some more until the strings settle! Joe does a great job and can be booked for your job. Call him at (626) 419-8025!

Then, there’s the fabulously talented Dave McCorkell who not only played Christmas music for four hours during the stroll, but he is the man responsible for the decorating. The ornaments, paper decorations and pennants are his design, so come by the store and pick some up!

That’s Dave with his decor adorning the top of the piano!

Anyway, back to the completed piano. Enjoy the pictures!