My new piano:

I got her last Tuesday and didn’t waste a moment to get started on the refurbishment of this very plain Jane piano (You can read about my purchase and transport of her here).

I posted my great find on facebook to get some different ideas of how I might paint her.

I didn’t get an overwhelming number of responses, though but am going to combine the two ideas! Teal and sheet music!

I mixed a batch of my homemade blend of chalkpaint.

Other than the smell of the paint, I am liking the results of the mix of non-sanded grout with my paint. I’ll be doing a whole blog post on home made chalk paint down the road!

You can see the different consistency of the homemade blend vs. the name brand version. More like a thick pancake batter than smooth paint. But, it goes on very smooth and in just one to two coats. And, if it starts getting too thick, you can just add a little water and stir.

Painting a piano was a little trickier than the average piece of furniture. There are a lot of pieces that open so that the inside components and mechanisms can be accessible for tuning and repair. I had to make sure that the piano was painted in a fashion that would allow everything to open easily.

 Here she is, all painted and ready for the next six steps of the refurbishment process!

Another thanks to D& J Piano Movers for getting her here. And, I have piano tuning lined up for next week, thanks to Joe Morton. If you need a local piano tuner, you can reach him at (626) 419-8025!