I normally wouldn’t consider these two pieces to be a perfect pairing. They are distinctly different styles and completely different types of wood.
However, these two pieces are joining the bird desk that I did several months back.

So, we brainstormed how to make all of these pieces work well together.

The plan, paint the nightstand the same color as the desk. Leave the top wood, similar as the desk top. Paint the entire dresser white and give it an aged look with an antique glaze.

The problem:

The top of the nightstand was a horrendous mess. Huge gauges out of the wood and scratches that were too deep to sand out. Plus, it was a knotty pine which (in my opinion) wasn’t a good contrast with the very simple wood top of the desk. So, I filled all of the gauges and scratches with wood filler and sanded the entire top down.

Plan B. Paint the nightstand and leave the top of the dresser natural wood.

I didn’t like the heavy look of three handles on the top drawer and wanted to coordinate the knobs on the desk with the knobs on the nightstand, so I filled all the holes for new knobs…no handles.

I painted the dresser white, added a moderate distressing, lightly glazed it with Provincial wood stain and kept the original hardware.

With the added antique glazing, I used a really light stain because I wanted to soften the bright white and make it look more like the aged pages of a book. Just like on the knobs of the desk and nightstand.

Matching knobs with birds printed on book pages and a new handle that wasn’t so chunky. Heavier distressing on the blue nightstand to match the heavier distressing on the desk.

I refreshed the wood top with a more golden stain to compliment the wood top of the desk.

By far, the most well built and nicest dresser I’ve ever re-done! Dividers in the top two drawers with solid wood bases in each drawer and solid wood dividers between each drawer. This is HEAVY!

Just a reminder of the before:

And, the after!

I hope she loves how it came out and sends pictures of the set up!