All I know about couture is that I can’t even afford to say that word. Nonetheless, I decided to use French Couture inspired phrasing on a salvaged side table.

My before picture got lost somewhere, but I can tell you this table was ugly. Boring. Uninspiring. Blah. You get the point?

So, this is how I made this table.

I found a great image on The Graphics Fairy to replicate on the top of the table.

I was specifically looking for a French inspired sign or print that I could transfer. I was hoping that in the end this would look like an old, weathered sign that was turned into a table or bench.

I loved the wording on this (what I assume to be) clothing and accessories store sign along with the mix of simple and fancy lettering.

Next, I downloaded this image onto Block posters is a free website that takes your image and prints them on standard 8 1/2 x 11 sheets of paper so that you can get a sign as large as you need. If I wanted to print this on a dining room table, I could set my sign to print on six pages wide and block posters will format the image.

Once my image printed, I cut off the excess edges and taped it together so that it was a single sheet.

Then, I place my image face down and covered the entire back of it with pencil. So, this part is very technical! I took out the pencil lead of one of my mechanical pencils, placed it on the paper and used my fingers to roll it all over the back of the sheet. I used a generous amount of lead to do that.

Once the back of the paper was covered in the lead, I placed it on the table where I wanted to transfer the image.

The next step included writing over the print with a regular ball point pen. I included all of the detailing around the letters. The pressure from the pen transferred the lead to the table.

This is what it looked like when I was done.

Once the letters were nicely transferred over, I filled them in with none other than a black sharpie. I started from the bottom, though so that the lead didn’t smudge while I was filling them in.

Lastly, I had to make it look like an old weathered sign. Fine sandpaper did the trick and all my hard work was put to shame when I sanded through the letters.

Isn’t it just perfectly “old!”

Doesn’t it look like it dangled on the outside of a boutique clothing store, complete with a small town bistro next door that served cappuccino’s and had bougainvilleas crawling a gorgeous terrace? And, of course, there would have been a lovely fountain nearby so as you walked through the store you could hear water trickling. Really, I pictured all of this before I started painting this table. 

Anyway, I really like how it turned out and since it’s technically still Friday, I’m not breaking my rule by holding new pieces until next week. So, it’s for sale…today!