I don’t normally work in the store on Saturday’s, but today I’m here…all day…ALL DAY! To top it off, I’m dressed in my nicest clothes.

Ok…by nicest clothes, I mean there isn’t a drop of paint on anything that I am wearing! And, since I’m down to my last two pair of jeans that don’t have paint splattered all over, I opted against painting in my nicest clothes at the store and amused myself with other things.

I finished my kids Christmas present with the addition of new hardware today on the play kitchen! They are going to LOVE IT!

I restocked my paper wreaths and played with different centerpieces for it. I finally settled on the bird.

And I went around the store making anything and everything a Christmas ornament.

Vintage spoons…for more than just sipping soup (yeah…it’s upside down!)

A touch of twine. Twine makes anything “vintage.”

Vintage key turned ornament.

Toy tin robot turned Christmas ornament.

And, finally my favorite…

Vintage tin juicer…turned ornament. A sprig of leaves and a red bow makes it super Christmasey!

I’m at my craft limit and itching to pull out a paint brush!

But, that’ll have to wait.

Til’ tomorrow!