This poor dresser has been sitting in my parents garage for the last four months, waiting to be worked on…loved.
The problem I’ve had with it is the sheer number of new knobs I needed to get. Twelve to be exact. The average price of a new knob being around $5, I was looking at spending $60 on new hardware and just didn’t want to fork out the expense. I painted it so that it would be ready for new hardware when I found the right knobs.


And, it sat. For another month or so.

Then, I had a request for a new dresser for a 13 year old. They liked this one and the request was to splatter it with a lot of different colors of paint. “Are you sure?” I asked.

I laid down a huge tarp, placed it in the middle of the grass and went to town. And, this is how it turned out!

Like those teal ceramic knobs?
I hope she likes it! It was so much fun to paint.