I crinkle my nose at the thought of redoing furniture multiple times. But, my options for a dresser that hasn’t sold in six months are limited. I couldn’t give this thing away…and believe me, I tried.

So, I decided to redo it in hopes that it will sell with new color and hardware.

The Before, Before (back in June):

The first after:

The second after:

The inspiration behind the second refurbishment of this dresser was a piece I found online at the modern cottage.

No surprise that I liked the color. But, what I liked most were the striking black handles. The white stripe on each drawer was a cool approach to add some visual interest.

I replicated the white stripe between the first and second drawer.

Added new, more modern and interesting pieces of hardware.

Distressed the top and edges so that you could see the old colors peek through. Just a smidge of the old pink.

That’s that. Hopefully someone falls in love with it because I can’t stomach the thought of redoing it…again!

On a side note, this was the first piece that I used my homemade chalk paint blend on an already painted piece of furniture. I’m happy to report that it worked flawlessly. No sanding or priming needed and the paint adhered to the existing paint wonderully. In fact, it took a total of 35 minutes to paint this from start to finish.  Just wanted to share. 🙂