Technically, this dresser wasn’t pulled from the dumpster, just the side of the road thanks to my ever watchful sister and bro-in-law.

It’s a pretty hum drum dresser, but I was really excited about the how it framed all of the drawers. This piece screamed “two tone!” I gained inspiration from the desk that I did for my house. I got a lot of comments on my blog post about this desk and it was even featured on another website.

I used the exact same color scheme. A soft sagey green with white drawers.
I painted the original hardware because I thought it stuck out like a sore thumb.
I also glazed the framework and drawers. But, instead of using my customary dark walnut stain, I opted for a more subtle provincial…which is like a golden oak. It was just enough to give some texture and depth to the color.
The drawers have faux lining already in them that looks like vintage newspaper print.
It’s the newest piece for Furniture Friday and is available for sale!