WARNING! You may want to grab a hankie or napkin…you will probably drool over this table.
Or, perhaps I am just speaking for myself!

It’s a drop leaf! A very large drop leaf. With two leaves.

This table NEEDED to be a rustic farmhouse style table.

So I sanded the top down to the bare wood.

I stained the top with my customary dark walnut.

I painted the base white.

I distressed the base.

But, I didn’t like it. So I un-distressed it (painted it again).

Added two coats of polyurethane.

The end result:

Biggest! Seating for 10!

Big! Seating for 8.

Almost Big. Seating for 4-6.

Smallest. Seating for 2.

I don’t know what it is about drop leafs! I. Love. Them. They sell fast! Likely, because of their tremendous versatility for small to large spaces.

On a side note, the two chairs are from a set of five that go with a different antique table. I painted them the same white and added a distressing. The seats are covered in Hawaiian coffee sacks.

Remember the before:

Now for sale!