Does any room renovation ever really get finished? I’ve been wanting to share pics of my living room, which we “finished” a few months ago, and then really “finished” a few weeks ago, but haven’t “finished” yet.
Okay…so that was a bunch of gibberish. By “finished” the first time, we ripped up carpet, stripped and stained the floor, painted the walls and refurbished a bunch of furniture for the new space.
Oh yeah…a before pic:
The second time we “finished,” we finally got to installing the quarter round for the baseboards and thresholds for the doorways which involved painting and caulking all of the trim work. It took over a month to get that done after we painted.
You know what they say? The money is in the details! The quarter round looks great.
Now, I need to finish some of the minor decorating, like a new tree for the corner of the room by the side table, some vintage accessories that I need to pull from the store and a 46 inch flat screen TV mounted to the wall. That won’t come for awhile. But, in the meantime here is how the room turned out (Sorry the photos are so crummy…I took them with my phone and need to re-do them with a real camera)!
Once we get a new TV, the furniture will get a re-arranging. The media cabinet will move to beneath the TV and the chair by the window will go next to it. That huge slab of eucalyptus (you can read about that find here) will move to where the clock is with a new chair and small side table in front. A settee that is in my back room will move to this front room for in front of the window. Like I said, never really finished! 
Hope you enjoy these pics! It’s nice to finely share them after so much work went into the space. 
Next, I should be able to post some new pics of my “finished” kitchen.