You know that feeling, when you go to the mall and you come home with the perfect pair of jeans, a cute top and matching shoes? A matching handbag and earrings tops off the whole outfit! You get a little giddy with that self-gratifying feeling of having something new.

Well, that’s not me. I could care less about clothes. A am more productive and comfortable in a pair of paint splattered jeans, a t-shirt or hoodie and my sauconys!

However, when I come home on a Saturday afternoon loaded with goodies, I can’t suppress a smile and the self-satisfaction of finding awesome things in my weekly treasure hunt.

This week was no different. An antique table set and cool looking twin size bed.

Nothing too out of the ordinary.

But wait….

It’s a party cart! This is going to be one of the coolest projects when its done! I can’t wait to work on it.

And, though that’s all pretty cool nothing gives me more satisfaction than coming home with one of these…

You see, I am performing a fourteen year long financial experiment. I believe that if I sell enough “kid” stuff over the course of my girls adolescence, and that with smart financial investment of those earnings, I will be able to pay for my girls’ (or at least one of them) college tuition.

Because I sell their toys…

…I sell their clothes…
And believe me, that stuff adds up fast!
But these are the big ticket items!
The items that bring in not only a decent profit, but a lot of joy!

Until it sells! Until something else comes along. Which, it always does!

I sell more than just shabby chic furniture and vintage stuff! In fact, if you are interested in EVERYTHING I have for sale, just type “knot too shabby” in the craigslist search box and you might even find a treasure you didn’t expect!