I love Christmas vacation (not the movie, which I strongly dislike…even if I laugh when my family watches it every year). Next to the three weeks during the summer, Christmas is the only time of year that we have to work on home improvement projects as a family. This year was no exception. My sister and brother in law carted the kiddos home with them for a few days of fun which left my husband and I to tend to the house. I was soooo excited!

People tend to think that I have an adorable house to match my adorable store. 

Not so much. This is my kitchen…errr, was my kitchen a few days ago.

Since I painted my living room a few months ago, I’ve been itching to get to the kitchen. It was screaming for fresh paint.

The drab looking green coordinated with the color of my living room (before I painted it). I didn’t dislike the color, just got sick of it. Plus, it was too dark. I am really starting to neutralize the colors in my rooms so that they are more versatile. Brighter. Cheerier.

The biggest change in the kitchen besides the color is all of the trim. I’m painting out the wood and giving the trim a traditional bright white!

Lest you think my house looks different than anyone else’s, it’s a total mess…was a total mess.

In addition to paint, I’m adding hardware to my cabinets and changing my kitchen chairs.

While I painted the kitchen, my husband was busy putting the finishing details on our living room, which included installing quarter round and thresholds.

After staring at one inch gaps between the molding and the hardwood floors, it is FINALLY finished! It looks lovely if I do say so myself!

Just a few finishing touches to the living room (like a 46 inch flat screen TV) and it is all but finished!

As far as the kitchen goes…well a girl can only do so much. I still have some work to do…like cleaning it up, painting the chairs, re-accessorizing…and the list goes on. But, I will share the finished photos when it looks perfect acceptable!