I’ve had this dresser for several months. It spent a month or two in my garage and then I brought it to the store as a display for custom furniture refinishing.

It’s a gorgeous antique dresser with great legs, caster wheels and original hardware. The detailing was really pretty. But, it just didn’t speak to me.

So, it sat. No one was particularly drawn to it.

And then I finally had a vision. I had been thinking I wanted to paint it black and add some glass knobs.

I ran out of glass knobs so I used the large cream krackled knobs instead and kept the  original knobs on the bottom drawers.

I took it a step further, though.

The sides of the dresser had recessed panels which were perfect for adding a decorative element. Rather…a decopauged element.

I pulled out some vintage sheet music from 1932 and slathered it up with modge podge to line the panels.

I carried it through to the drawers.

Added a light distressing around the original hardware and along the sides of the drawers so that the details pop.

Check out the old camera. It’s a kodak camera from 1913. I found this hanging out in my parents garage and accused them of holding out on me!

I like how all the colors are pulled together between the sheet music, cream knobs and distressing. I could totally see this piece of furniture in a dining room as a buffet or living room with a TV on it!

We shall see who buys it and how they end up using it!