Last week was one of my busiest weeks in a very long time for a variety of reasons, one of which was the two-days I had blocked off to complete an Annie Sloan Painting Workshop.

I’m not going to lie…my thought process going into the workshop went something like this:

“Huh…ok, I will do this workshop. But how much can I really learn? I mean, I’ve been painting furniture for  a long time. I’ve used the paint. I’ve used my own version of the paint. I know how to distress furniture. But…whatever. If I have to do it to sell the greatest paint on planet earth then so be it.”

OK…I know what you are thinking. I am completely pig headed!

The good Lord has a beautiful way of humbling his servants…and, last week was my turn to be humbled.

For starters, I had an unbelievably good time conversing with amazingly talented individuals who are in the same business as me…or similar business. Debbie from ’round the coop and Tami from Patina Decorative Finishes! These amazing women are so talented and held a wealth of information about not only the paint, but about business!

I also LOVED seeing Debbie’s space! She has this amazing office/warehouse space that she uses to work and hold workshops. I managed to steal some of her great ideas…or will be stealing.

For example, she had a fabulously junky chandelier that only a painter would LOOOOOVE!

(By the way…I use the term “junky” in the most sincerest of compliments lest you misunderstand)

With just the three of us painting throughout the day, we managed to crank out a two-day workshop in just one day! And, I learned. A lot. My head was about to explode. I felt like for the last two+ years I’ve been unworthy to paint furniture. Limited in the possibilities I didn’t even know existed. I had been humbled!

So, when it was all said and done, what did I learn?

I learned how many paint brushes, waxing brushes and buffing brushes I will need to host my own workshops. We went through all of the brushes!

I learned how to gild, decopauge, use craquelier???(spelling), spittle, lime wash, two-tone dry brushing, make colored wax, use the wax as a glaze….phew….and much, much more! Stuff that I will be teaching in workshops. Stuff that you can ONLY do with Annie Sloan Paint.

I learned that 112 cans of paint is a lot of paint!

I’ve learned that great displays help to sell great paint!

I already have to place an order to refill colors that are out. Can you believe that? In less than a week!

I am so privileged to sell this product and will be sharing all of the amazing techniques in regularly scheduled monthly workshops. So, keep updated on facebook for workshop dates and in my workshops and events section! Don’t hesitate to call if you have any questions.