I’d heard of craigslist. A bunch of people selling their stuff and then letting weirdos come over to their houses to buy it. Then, if you were lucky, you didn’t get robbed, pillaged or murdered at the end of transaction! Okay, okay. So, even though you may have heard of that happening, like one time that is not the norm and craig has changed my life!

Here’s a little peek into how the “knot too shabby” snowball happened. It started with a yard sale! And, not one that I went to but one that I had. A bunch of houses on our block were having a block sale so we decided to clean out some cabinets and get rid of some stuff. We made a whopping $150 and had a bunch of junk left over, including a porta crib that I used when I was a baby…so from the 1970’s. We tried to sell it for $5. No luck. My ingenious hubby says, “let’s post it on craigslist. I bet we could get $30 for it.” I’m thinking, “no way is anyone in their right mind going to spend $30 on a 30 year old crib…but fine. If you want to post it and invite some craigslist killer into our house and die selling a crib, then go for it.”

You’ll never guess what happened. Ok…you probably guessed. It sold. That night. For $30. To a very normal family from the next city over.

My husband has a very endearing nickname for me. He calls me Starbucks…”because I always have something brewing.” Well…I had something brewing that night. I couldn’t quit thinking about how we took something from our yard sale and sold it for six times more money in a matter of hours. If I can do that with my stuff, I could do that with other people’s stuff!

And that’s how it started. With a 30 year old porta crib from our yard sale to knot too shabby in The Village.

Funny how things transpire over time, isn’t it? Finding success by utilizing God-given talents and following a path with unrecognizeable twists and turns. When hindsight is 20/20, all those irregularities in the journey were obviously meant to bring us to this very moment in time and prepare us for what is to come, whatever that may be.

Here’s to the continuous journey…it is so. much. fun!