How do you entice a four year old to spend an entire day antique shopping? I let her take a lot of pictures! 
My oldest daughter and I are having a blast spending time with friends on the East Coast, visiting the monuments in D.C., going to the National Zoo and of course, spending plenty of time looking for thrifty treasures. 
Leesburg, Virginia has some of the best antique shopping…I’d wager in the country. The nationally recognized Lucketts Antique Store was our first stop.
Established at an old and creaky historical house, the store was filled to the brim with fabulous up cycled finds and refinished pieces. The outdoor area was bursting as well, with multiple out door “houses” made entirely from doors, windows, shutters and filled with furniture, pictures and an assortment of vintage oddities. 
I’ve never seen so any old doors and shutters in my life! I was drooling. Unable to cart these across country, I sadly had to leave them behind.
The three story abode was packed from wall to wall. 
Lots of these very old stained glass windows hanging about and priced at over $200! I felt pretty good about the three that I have in the store being reasonably priced at just $100.
Once we finished shopping at Lucketts and the surrounding stores, we drove into Downtown Leesburg, a quaint historical district with stores and restaurants lining the avenue. While we went into well over half a dozen stores, my favorite of the day was the Cottage at Leesburg.
This store just felt good and I loved walking around looking at everything.
I carried around that old wooden box with a carved inscription on the inside the entire time I was there. But, I didn’t end up buying it. And, it’s a good thing because I don’t think I would have been able to squeeze it in my luggage. 
Note to self: Next time I make it back to the East Coast, bring extra luggage!
I arrived with two full suitcases of clothes for the trip. Adding to the existing luggage, I have to find a way to get a side table, small bench, tool box, music box, washboard, antique cameras, a vintage coke crate with the 24 bottles (HEAVY) and souvenirs home. Wish me luck!