Let me tell you, I would never have had the guts to do what I did to THIS dresser had I not taken the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint workshop that I went to last week. This is a bold approach…somewhat daring and a completely adventurous paint technique. I know it’s not for everyone, but I. Love. It.

I picked up this large dresser at the Salvation Army Thrift Store earlier this week for a screamin’ 50% off! It had that traditional 1970’s style hardware. It had to go. I have so many knobs and they are so much cheaper than handles, I find myself filling more holes these days to accommodate knobs.
The plan for this dresser:
Paris Grey
Old White accents
Clear Wax/Dark Wax Mix
Colored Wax for the Top
Dark Wax finish
New Knobs
I love Paris Grey. It is such a pretty grey color with almost a hint of blue when it is in its natural form. Add some dark wax and you get a completely different feel with the color.
It’s hard to see the texture on the drawers, but I did a rustic finish on the them. I didn’t even sand down the filler from the handle holes to add to the texture.
I left the original wood on the top, but couldn’t leave it as-is because of some water damage. So, I wanted to experiment with colored wax to give it a lime-washed look. Where I got too much color, I added dark wax to soften the white. This is how it looks.
The front got a coat of a clear wax/dark wax mix and then I added dark wax to the drawers and doors so that the texture would POP!
The paint on the drawers literally started chipping off as it was drying where the fill was left on it from the handle holes. It was weird. But, I just went with it and let it chip away. I actually think it adds much more character that way.

Three different styles of glass knobs. Ovals, starbursts and circles.


I like it.

It was a great experiment!

I like it when things work out.

Have I mentioned how much I love this paint?

I have two paint workshops coming up. The February Painting 101 class is full but I’m taking names for a wait list. I have another one scheduled for March. Check my workshops and events page for dates and to sign up.