After six great days back east, we were driving through beautiful Virginia headed for the airport. While I was enjoying the surrounding countryside and charming homes I spotted a big trailer with a huge wooden sign…”FOR SALE.” The trailer was loaded with a bunch of furniture. I craned my neck to check the contents of the trailer until we were too far past to see anymore. Sally started laughing. “Checking out the furniture for sale, huh?” she says. To which I reply, “I can’t help it. It’s a disease.”

Fortunately, I do not think it is contagious because I don’t think anyone in their right mind would attempt to pack the things that I found back east and bring them on an airplane.

I went to Virginia with one regular sized suitcase and a carry on full of clothes and travel essentials.

I came home with one very large suitcase full of furniture and clothes, a carry on jam packed with stuff and more clothes and an extra bag.

Nothing out of the oridinary. But wait til you see what I STUFFED into these!

All of this was stuffed in those three suitcases. Yep. Even that small cabinet.

Really! I packed furniture. The hollowed out cabinet was stuffed with dirty clothes and some of the more fragile pieces.

Like this awesome copper music box. We were betting it would break en-route but it made it in one piece and even works. It plays It’s a Small World.

This coke crate with the 24 glass bottles sat nicely in my carry on. I put socks, scarves, and other clothes in and around the bottles so they wouldn’t clang around. My carry-on weighed almost as much as the full size suitcase.

The rest of it was stuffed in the bag including an old tin tool box, a cute frame, a silver silent butler tray, two vintage matchboxes, washboard, two new frying pans and some souvenirs.

As you can see, I have a disease. I went back east telling myself I would exercise self control. After all, space was limited. And, believe or not, I did exercise some amazing self control After all, I didn’t come home with a new door! 🙂