I’ve been painting like a wild lady this week. I lost count of the number of projects I was working on and believe me, it’s in the double digits. Here’s a few that were finished, starting with the new pieces this Friday.

Cute little hamper/waste basket/whatever else you can do with it.
Painted in Old White with detailing in Provence.

Recognize this table? I’ve had it for awhile but gave it a fresh look by painting it Graphite. It looks great with the pop of black and lime green on the cushions of the coordinating chairs.

A new vanity that sold already in less than a day. But the drop leaf table tucked beneath it is new this week and my favorite piece of the week! We are going to feature it on etsy since it is so different and one of a kind.

A close up of the table…

It’s a vintage add from a catalog.

A fabulously detailed antique rocking chair painted in Provence with Old White details and dark wax. It’s super comfy. One of my painting girls did this at last week’s Painting Party!

Onto the custom work that was completed this week…

Recognize this table? It had a dark wood top and painted base. Customer asked if I could match the paint on the base for the top so a 50/50 mix of Paris Grey and Duck Egg did the trick.

The chairs are part of a 3-piece custom order to a customer in the LA area.

This hutch was on my pick it before I paint it page and was “picked” to be used as a large bedroom dresser. I painted in Old White and added dark wax to add a lot of color and variation.

This buffet was going to be a true testament as to how well Annie Sloan covers. It was so shiny that I took a picture just so you could see the reflection of the lights on the top. I slapped paint straight over the top…no sanding no priming.

The end result…

Graphite on the bottom with French Linen on top and dark wax. This piece is going into a nail salon in Claremont.

A few other odd and end projects like picture frames, chalkboards and bulletin boards wraps up my week. It’s been busy but hugely productive!