I hate to admit it…but, sometimes I use spray paint. OK. I said it. The truth is out there. In my opinion, there are just some things that are not worth the time to brush paint but need to be sprayed.

How do I classify a job worthy of spray paint…or rather, not worthy of the time and effort of brushing?

I hate brush painting chairs. The curves, spindles, details of chairs (at least the kind of chairs I like) take me forever to paint. And, getting them smooth, not clumpy or dripping is a lot of work. So, spraying them is a great alternative to the labor intensive, time intensive and ultimately, aggravating job of brush painting.

I also use spray paint for magazine tables. The cubbies inside of a magazine table are annoying to brush paint. Spray paint gets deep into the pockets of the table for a complete finish.

And, spray is a great alternative for a piece of junk furniture that’s been sitting around and just needs a very quick refreshing.
Case in point, I have a garage of “junk furniture” that needed a quick turnaround.

I’m not proud of this. In fact…it’s a little embarrassing.

And, I have a cabinet fully stocked with colors galore…and a lot of half empty cans I needed to use up.

I had two hours yesterday afternoon to complete some projects and needed to turn some pieces around quickly, so I just started pulling some of the smaller, more annoying and less satisfying projects from my garage.

In total, seven small projects.

A window I found stashed behind a bookshelf. Woohoo!

An old cabinet door turned chalkboard.

My old coffee table needed some sprucing up. I didn’t even repaint it. Debbie from ’round the coop has this awesome French stencil that she let me borrow so I thought I’d try it on the coffee table. I just taped it down and spray painted over the lettering.

There was a little bit of over spray on some of the letters where it wasn’t completely flush with the table. But, it wasn’t too bad, and since I was going to distress it anyway, I wasn’t too worried.

I sanded through the letters, distressed the edge of the table and added a coat of dark wax.

It’s set up as a bench right now, but could also be used as a coffee table. Plus, I’m so excited about how this came out that I have just the perfect project to use it again!!! I can’t wait to tackle it.
Of my spray painted creations, a magazine side table, small outdoor table/plant stand, window, chalkboard, chair, bar stool and the frenchy bench will all be in the store come Friday!