Do you ever find that life is a daily tug of war; pulled in different directions by all of the responsibility? For me I’m pulled to things that need to be done at the store, taking care of my kids, taking care of my house, making sure I get enough time just for myself, spending time with friends, spending time at church…oh yeah, and spending time with my husband. This week was no exception. Rather than being pulled to the store, I focused on spending time playing and relaxing.

My cousin came down to spend a few days of her spring break with us and we had a great day playing at Disneyland!

In fact, if you ever want to know how to ride Space Mountain, Star Tours or any of the other “big” rides 3+ times in a row without waiting in line, I can share the secret. The key is to have at least three people in your group and kids!

On top of Disneyland fun, I had two free admissions to Glen Ivy Hot Springs that expired this week. Nothing like waiting til’ the last minute! My mom and I begrudgingly had a wonderful day lounging! I say begrudgingly, because as we headed down the freeway, I looked at her and said, “I don’t have time to do this today!”

But, we had so much fun getting muddy, enjoying the hot tubs and just relaxing in the sun.

Despite the fun of the week, we managed to sneak in a small bit of work.

I put my cousin and daughter to work and together, they painted a small chest of drawers.

Emperors Silk, Pure White and striking black flower knobs! It looks so cool!

The identical dresser on the left is Old Violet with Old White accents.

This super cute desk has a great story, which I will share in another blog post. In the meantime, it’s on the floor painted in Old White and Louis Blue.
Check the for sale page for all of the other items that are new this week!