$42 per can, and this is what I do. I didn’t just spill it, I full on dropped the can. And, you can sure as heck bet that I scooped every last bit of it and put it straight back in the can…and then I used the remaining paint on my brush for the dresser. “Crud is good.” That’s what Annie says.

As a result of this catastrophic and tremendously expensive “uh-oh,” I can post about how easy it is to clean! That would be the silver lining. 🙂


1 Bucket of Hot Water (to be refilled and cleaned about 1,000 times)
1 Rag
1 Roll of Paper Towels and Baby Wipes
1 Bottle of Lift Off

I started with the hot water and rag and kept the paint wet so that it was easier to clean. And then I scrubbed and cleaned, emptied the bucket of red water, refilled it and did that a lot more.

Then, the store got busy, I forgot about the mess and it dried up, my mom stopped by and saw the mess and finished cleaning it up! It was super easy to clean! 🙂 Aren’t moms the best?!

That being said, want to see what I painted with the Emperor’s Silk?

This dresser (which comes with a large mirror) was one of those “being in the right place at the right time” finds. I scored this monstrosity for free when I guy who had it loaded in his truck ready to take to the Goodwill saw all of the furniture in my truck and asked me if I wanted it. You Betcha! We backed the trucks together and slid it from his to mine in a mutually beneficial exchange.

I stripped the top and re-stained it with a combination of Dark Walnut and Mission Oak.

It wasn’t as dark as I would have liked, so I used the dark wax to richen the color and draw out the wood grain. Two coats did just that while sealing it.

The base I painted in Emperor’s Silk.

The red was a bit overwhelming, so I added Old White to the insets on the front doors to break up the color. Plus, the heavy distressing throughout helps.

The inside is painted in Old White.

I sealed the entire piece with a heavy layer of dark wax to soften the vibrancy of the red. It helped.

This week, I will tackle the mirror that goes with it…without spilling the paint in the process!