To paint anything other than teal blue and shades of soft greens is a real struggle. It’s nothing more than staying within my personal preferences. But, I stretched the limits of my imagination and broke open a can of Greek Blue. It is BLUE! I wanted a bold color for the new paint display I was putting together.

Hmmm…not seeming to be able to get this pic right side up.

The outside is painted in Greek Blue with a dark wax which really helps to mute the color a tad. The inside shelves are painted Paris Grey and I love, love this color combination!

This double wide French style hutch has glass all around it, glass shelves and a light. The outside is painted in Country Grey and the detailing and inside is painted in Coco.

And, this morning I pulled out all of my old sheets, dusted off the paint sprayer and lined up my front yard with a bunch of outdoor furniture including this 3-piece patio set. I was trying to use up some last bits of latex in the garage and mixed a cream color with forest green and added baby blue. This is the color that I got which is very much like Duck Egg Blue before it gets a coat of dark wax.

A classic 3-piece wicker set is painted in Black.

And, my personal favorite…an Adirondack chair. I have a thing for Adirondack chairs. This one is a sagey green color with distressing all along the wood grain. It is lovely.

I’m just feeling spring all around and junkifying my outdoor arrangements with vintage randomness and spring flowers!

I have a feeling a few of these outdoor flower arrangements might make their way home with me…time will tell!