On the first weekend in April, the city of Morro Bay has an annual city wide yard sale. I have family on the Central Coast, and last year we just so happened to plan a family visit on that weekend. So, we hit up the Morro Bay yard sale. I nearly had heart failure. There were yard sales everywhere…hundreds of them. I didn’t know which way to go and I ended up getting some of my favorite finds at that city wide yard sale.

Sooooo, we’ve been planning to hit it up again this year and I spent last weekend basking in the beauty of the central coast.

That was the view coming down the hill while I was jogging one night…isn’t it breathtaking!

Unfortunately, the city wide yard sale this year was…well…underwhelming. Not sure if it was the forecast for rain in the weather, but there weren’t as many as last year and the prices were ridiculous. I mean, $300 for a dresser…really?!

I did get some OK stuff. My favorite vintage find was a stack of newspapers from the 1930’s/40’s. The headline on the top paper was “Nazi’s Make Arrest in Bomb.” It’s about the assassination attempt on Hitler in 1940! So cool.

I haven’t taken the bundle apart to see what else is in there because it’s so brittle and I’m afraid the whole thing will fall apart.

The other stuff was nothing special. A few dressers, a table…no big deal. Until….

I saw the boat.

It was filthy. It was dilapidated. It was perfectly blue and distressed.

I nickel and dimed the poor guy to death. I so wanted this boat but knew it would take more work than I wanted to put into it to get it up to snuff and he finally agreed on a reasonably low price to justify the work.

I was so excited about my find, I made all of my yard saling buddies pile in for a picture. That’s my Auntie, Mom, cousin and Uncle.

Once we got the boat home, a deep cleaning was ordered and then I needed to dig around to find some old wood that would be suitable for shelves.

Buried deep in the garage was this gnarly bookshelf, that I just happened to get up in San Luis Obispo months ago. It was perfect for dismantling. My awesome Uncle (who brought an entire truck load down South for me) took the whole thing apart, cut shelves down to size, made cleats and installed them…all while I was working at the store. I didn’t have to do anything!  

And, this is how it came out!

The shelves are removable so that this could be converted and used as a toddler bed, toy box, gardening box or whatever your heart desires!

And, for my purposes, it makes for a perfectly rustic paint display!

Thanks Uncle Kerry! I love my boat! I think we need to have a naming contest! What should we call her?