I was sitting here at the computer, all geared up to write about the huge number of painting projects WE accomplished this week! I have a lot to write about…two dressers, a kitchen set, a few burlap covered chairs, side tables, benches…etc. etc. etc. Except for a little problem. I’m writing at home and all my pictures are downloaded at the store. I know there are like five people eagerly waiting for my Thursday evening post, and I’d hate to let them down. So, I figured since I’m writing at home for a change, I’d show some pictures of my  biggest home project of the week.
Our family room redo. 
Let me explain to you the challenge with our family room. It’s 600 square feet HUGE! You could fit a small cottage inside of our family room. The size of the back room was one of the biggest selling points when we bought our house. However, a large room, in some ways is much harder to decorate than a small room. So, we pieced the room into manageable sections to create areas of interest and comfort. 
Though, I am by no means finished with this room, here is a peek at some of the “sections” I put together this week. 
I redid the fireplace mantle, taking down the six paned window that has been there for the past six years and replacing it with a picket fence that I “bought” at knot too shabby. I still need to fix the flowers in the watering can…obviously. 
The piano was moved to a new wall and I added new lamps from Home Goods for some much needed task lighting for when my husband teaches music lessons. I “bought” the arched window frame from the store and was going to bring a stack of vintage children’s song books home with me today that haven’t sold in forever. Ironically, they sold today before I could set them aside. 
We moved our pool table from the south side of the room to the north side of the room so that it served as more of a focal point and had plenty of room around it for legitimate game play. 
We created a lounging section of the room where our new couch is in the back corner (which I will picture later), and I “bought” a bunch of picture frames at the store to mix amongst my “I had no money when I was a newly wed so bought all of my picture frames at Wal Mart” collection. 
Thank-you pinterest for passing on the idea of twining pictures within large frames. Pure genius for a person who loves to change pictures out often! This antique frame is chipped up all over. I love it. 
The kids table and chairs set serves as a side table by the couch and is perfectly placed near their play kitchen. I’m going to re-do this table though. I’m thinking of stripping the paint, refinishing the top with dark walnut wood stain and painting the base white. 
This crate houses all of the sheet music and lesson books and is another “side table” so to speak. I “bought” it at the store this week, too.
Wait til’ you see the rest. I’m trying to work in some vintage suitcases, an old trunk and a bunch of wire baskets. But, I’m not there yet so stay tuned!