As if my Saturday’s aren’t crazy enough with my yard sale exhibitions in the morning and a heap of projects in the afternoon, I offered to make a delivery out to Santa Monica this past Saturday. I hate making deliveries. It’s a chance to be reminded of how much Southern California traffic and freeways completely suck. However, I embraced this particular delivery because I rarely get a chance to see my furniture pieces actually set up in someones house…and I was excited about this particular piece because it was the boat I just brought to the store.  

Since we don’t seem to get out much, my family decided to make a night of it and enjoy Santa Monica. We loaded up for the delivery and helped heave this ginormous, eight foot boat up two flights of stairs into its new resting place. Well…my husband helped heave it up the stairs.

A very satisfied owner!

After deliveries, we went to one of our favorite’s…Ye Olde Kings Head Restaurant and Pub. It’s a fun English pub with traditional English fare, drinks and desserts. They even have a fun gift shop with stuff straight from London. I tried Scottish Eggs. Yum!

Anyway, the reason I write about our dinner is because we got seated next to the waitresses station…which was set up on this uhmazing buffet. If the deep fried Scottish egg didn’t make me drool, this piece of furniture certainly did.

Seriously. A buffet that nice has no business being in a restaurant.

The restaurant patrons thought I was nuts for sure!

And, if you think I get all dressed up for a night on the town…think again.

Me and my sister-in-law

Yep…I went out to dinner in one of LA’s hottest cities in paint jeans, a hoodie, my paint splattered converse, no make-up….oh yeah…and no shower. 

Who cares? I had fun anyway!